#DNDGate and Intolerance

Twitter hashtag #DNDGate comes up recently and I’m going to try and figure out what it is about.
At this time there are 2 trends:

1) The cries of one person who’s made multiple Twitter accounts: John Tarnowski, Kasimir Urbanski, RPGPundit.

It’s some rant fueled by the fact WotC didn’t hire him. He was consulted when D&D5e was being developed, but none of his ideas were used.DND Credites.jpg

2) Reclaiming #DNDGate to be stories and images of Gates

#DNDGate trademark was acquired by Daniel Fox @ZweihanderRpg just so he could send trademark infringement bills if it’s used for propaganda.

#DNDGate is being attributed to GamerGate (2012), stories of Internet-fueled intolerance towards female gamers.


Sex and Sexuality Intolerance in Games

In 1975 M.A.R. Barker published the world of Tékumel, a year after the first edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and after working with Gary Gyrax on D&D (which is why the mechanics of the system are the same up to the magic system). Tékumel has a unique understanding of sex and sexuality right from the beginning. Sure women aren’t considered equal to men, at least not until they declare themselves equal. Tékumel is sex-positive. Sexual fidelity is not part of the marriage contract.

Homosexuality and bisexuality are accepted. Polygyny and polyandry are both practiced. Some regions and countries are more conservative about these topics but generally, it’s accepted, just not flaunted.

The most recent version of the world of Tékumel, “Bethorm – The Plane of Tékumel” has the following:

The Tsolyáni are also very tolerant of individual gender preferences. Such matters are rarely considered cause for concern, except as regards any related practical considerations. [the example is a political marriage].

Gender Identity.JPG

Story Time

I cannot say that I’ve let things go and have incited situations very recently (DDAL Tuesday game at local gaming store). After a heated discussion of situations happening in the USA, I quite loudly called out the other as a Nazi sympathizer (actually I just called him a “Fucking Nazi”).

I then quoted the saying: “If there is one Nazi sitting at a table with 10 other people, there are 11 Nazi’s”

I went to pack up my things and leave to show my distaste for the situation when the rest of the table, a few of which I had been gaming with for years encouraged me to stay – all very calmly. I stayed and still feel conflicted – Encourage everyone to come to play vs. Punch Nazi’s in the Face.

Image result for image punch a nazi in the face

And the same night a friend messaged me to vent about their own encounter with intolerance and finding out someone they’ve known and trusted were actually harboring Nazi ideals; “Oh, well they deserve it because their [queer, trans-gendered, Muslim, etc.].”

Canadian Law: A punch to the Face

Fighting, Punching and Spitting are all considered Assault in Canada, if there isn’t consent. Consent can be granted by asking “Do you want to fight?” and the other party agreeing – it is then legal to punch them in the face.


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