D&D Adventurers League Season 8 Renown Benefits

With all the changes Dungeons & Dragons Adventures League (DDAL) is having adding

Specifically, with adding new factions (Waterdeep) and new worlds (Eberron) it meant changing the existing Faction and Renown system.

Renown now relates to your background that reflects your fame or infamy (which it always should have been). You still lose all your renown when you leave a faction, but not when you join a faction, and you can just gain renown WITHOUT a faction!

Renown Rank

From Forgotten Realms ALPG v8.2 part of the D&D Adventurers League Player & DM Pack

Earning Renown

Your character earns one(1) renown point for every four advancement checkpoints (AP). If they earn 4 AP’s, they get 1 renown, if they get 3AP’s in an adventure, they gain only 0.75 renown (2APs= 0.5renown; 1AP=0.25 renown). Faction specific adventures and secret missions are ignored.

Characters advance to the next rank immediately once they’ve earned the requisite amount of renown.

Renown Benefits

When a character starts a new adventure or hardcover chapter, they may select a single renown benefit granted by any rank they’ve earned. This benefit carries no cost or value, and items gained can’t be sold or traded and are removed if unused by the end of the adventure.

Renown Benefits – public v1.01

Renown Rank and Benifits

So basically you can select which rank benefit you’ll have when you sit down at a DDAL table. So starting at 1st level you can start your adventure with a Potion of Healing (Common; 2d4+2 healing; 50gp value); at 8th level you can start with Inspiration, and after 14th level you can start with a Potion of Superior Healing (Rare; 8d4+8 healing; 500gp value) OR Elixir of Health (Rare; Cure Conditions).

Potion, rarity varies
You regain hit points when you drink this potion. The number of hit points depends on the potion’s rarity, as shown in the Potions of Healing table. Whatever its potency, the potion’s red liquid glimmers when agitated.
Potion of … (Rarity) HP Regained
Healing (Common) 2d4 + 2
Greater healing (Uncommon) 4d4 + 4
Superior healing (Rare) 8d4 + 8
Supreme healing (Very rare) 10d4 + 20

Potion, rare (Dungeon Master´s Guide)
When you drink this potion, it cures any disease afflicting you, and it removes the blinded, deafened, paralyzed, and poisoned conditions. The clear red liquid has tiny bubbles of light in it.

Potions for Sale

Potions and scrolls are always for sale (Add any component costs to scroll costs)

Buying Potions and Scrolls

Renown Suspensions

The benefits of your renown are suspended basically on-your-honour system unless you play at the same DDAL table every game.

Long-Term Suspension. # adventures = half level (rounded up!)

  • Attacking another player character (PC) without the consent of the PC or DM.
  • DM’s Discretion

Short-Term Suspension. 1 adventure (the next adventure most likely.

  • PC witnessed cimmitting a crime (law-breakers in Waterdeep)
  • PC found guilty of committing a crime (what if their framed… by another PC?)
  • DM’s Discretion


D&D Adventurers League Player & DM Pack

Renown Benefits – public v1.01

D&D Adventurers League Player Rules for Season 8

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