D&D 2019 and Beyond!

Updated 2019/02/28

Shared D&D Multiverse

Because of the slow release schedule at Wizards of the Coast D&D team, they have been taking their time creating a shared multiverse.

Mike Mearls has been working on Psionics – and hopefully with Psionics comes Darksun! They are working on the lore of psionics – like the lore of Mind Flayers, where the power of the mind comes from (um…) and how it came about.

D&D Project Boards

They have project boards for all the old D&D settings, but we’ll likely never see anything that doesn’t create a specific genre:

  • Forgotten Realms being the generic fantasy setting (Greyhawk, Dragon Lance will never see a sourcebook for 5e)
  • Ravenloft is “Gothic-Horror D&D”
  • Eberron is either “Film Noir D&D\Pulp D&D””
  • Dark Sun is “Post-Apocalyptic D&D”
  • Spelljammer as a sci-fi setting
  • Planescape the mix-master of settings

2019 Releases

The first thing being released is a new Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set: Stranger Things D&D Starter Set

Sr. Director of Dungeons and Dragons Nathan Stewart and Game Designer Kate Welch made an announcement on Twitch: Spoilers & Swag with their first episode of Spoilers and Swag this year. The new location book will take place on and under the sea. They showcased several book cover and title possibilities [44:00], but I think only two of the covers are possible, and only one title: “Long Walk, Short Plank”. The rest were all overly comedic and inappropriate for all audiences.

UPDATE: ‘Ghosts of Saltmarsh‘ to be released May 21, 2019!

They also announced tentative dates for the following live Stream of Many Eyes a three day event where they showcase a number of things and will reveal the new adventure story coming for the year. May 17th to May 19th is the tentative date set – nothing on Wizards site at the time of publishing.

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2020 Release

The D&D creative team has also revealed that other parts of the Forgotten Realms will be unveiled in 2020. Non-medieval Western Europe. Which means there are a few possibilities from cannon:
Kara-Tur – The Asian influenced continent to the east
Maztica – Chult is like a primer for this Mesoamerica continent
Zakhara – the Arabian Empire on the continent Faerûn

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