Review: Curse of the Crimson Throne

Pathfinder, I’ve never been a fan of the system as it takes a lot to make a character – and then you realize once done and you’re playing that you didn’t make a good character.

However, the company Paizo does a great job with all their products. If you buy direct from Paizo, you get the book as well as a digital copy of products.

I’ve read a bit of the adventures Paizo’s produced, but I’m going to speak a little about the Pathfinder Adventure Path: Curse of the Crimson Throne.

The book is high quality with 478 pages with in depth information about the adventures setting, the city of Korvosa; Commonly has enemy stat blocks within text (which I love compared to having to hunt at the back of an adventure), and the story-line is a good one. I take scenes and ideas from this book for other city adventures (I’m looking at you Waterdeep: Dragons Heist).

There’s a number of NPC’s and characters are encouraged to have relationships and contacts within the city itself.

The adventures are a mix of social as well as dungeon crawl – with different street side encounters based on whats happening in the city – business as usual, war, plague, etc.

I’ve re-skinned elements of the adventures into Tékumel games, and run portions of the adventure using the city as the setting for my own ideas.

It is something I recommend for DM’s to take a look at when they want to run a city adventure.

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