UNEARTHED ARCANA 2020 Spells and Magic Tattoos

UNEARTHED ARCANA 2020 Spells and Magic Tattoos By Ben Petrisor, Dan Dillon, Jeremy Crawford – 03/26/2020

Magic Tattoos


I’m disappointed Druids don’t get access to the new Acid Stream spell. A great many of the spells are dedicated to Summoning and as exciting as that can be I don’t think it will be well received – adding more mobs to combat tends to slow situations down.

Magic Tattoos

Lots of cool ideas but there are some changes I’d like to see:

Tattoos Are Forever: Magical tattoos should leave a permanent make, even if the benefit is no longer available. – Its a Tattoo! Lesser restoration being able to remove tattoos of course.

Spell Tattoos should be able to manifest as Tattoos or Brands – makes it more inclusive for a variety of societies with histories of skin markings.

Tattoos are to be Viewed: Any benefit should only work if the tattoo is exposed (in part or full) – so sleeveless robes, shorts in the dungeon, etc.. and one tattoo per body part (max. 6: 2x arms, 2x legs, torso, head) – Players would need to choose what tattoo would go were – torso isn’t going to be exposed all the time, head tattoos will have a social stigma. Choosing the tattoo to cover the entire limb (both legs are fully tattoo’d making it look like you’re wearing pants, full arm tattoo down to your cuff) or having it just cover a small area (back of hand, shoulder, etc.).

Any benefit should reset after a Long Rest – not down.

Absorbing Tattoo: Would rather have resistance then once per day immunity.

Barrier Tattoo: AC’s should be 11 (common), 12 (uncommon), 13 (rare), 14 (very rare) + dex mod. for all.

Coiling Grasp Tattoo: Have the initial DC and Escape DC match. PC’s abilities should also set the DC – using their current Spell Save DC or passive Athletics/Acrobatics.

Eldritch Claw Tattoo: I like the mechanics of this one – but not the name. Legerdemain’s Tattoo (?).

Blood Fury Tattoo: Awesome – but potentially overpowered. Makes sense to be Legendary tattoo!

Illuminator’s Tattoo: creating hidden messages on paper shouldn’t be once a day. People who can see invisible can read it. Otherwise, another awesome one.

Lifewell Tattoo: Awesome.

Ghost Step Tattoo: Awesome

Masquerade Tattoo: Awesome

Spellwrought Tattoo: I’d like this one more with the mentioned Tattoos are Forever. So each application is taking up more space on the skin – or touching up existing ones (so same spell).

Shadowfell Brand: Aweseome.

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