FoundryVTT: D&D5e Polymorphing

FoundryVTT version 0.6.5
D&D5e version 0.93

If players are able to polymorph – Wild Shape or Polymorph – there are a few things to setup as a DM:

Game Master Setup

1. Give the player Token Creation permission.
Game Settings > Core Settings > Configure Permissions [Open permissions Configuration] > Set the player with 'Create New Token' & 'Create New Actors' permissions
OR setup that up for Trusted Players and assign the specific player that roll.

2. Allow Polymorphing in the game system
Game Settings > System Settings > Allow Polymorphing

Creature Setup

Import, Add, or Create Actors that characters will be transforming into and give the player at least Observer permissions on anything they can transform into.

Actor Transformations

When a player needs to transform into something else, simply drag the Actor they are transforming into onto their character sheet – the Transforming Actor dialog box will appear.
If they are Wild Shaping, just use the [Wild Shape] button; If Polymorphing = [Polymorph] button.
If they are just changing their physical appearance – or something else, there are a plethora of additional options for them to use.

Once the effect is completed, just click on the [Restore Transformation] button in the bannor of the character sheet.

Special Note (Wild Shape)

This system does not revert a Wild Shape Druid back when at 0 hp, or carry over any extra damage – so a player will need to figure out how much damage carries over once their Wild Shape ends. [PHB p.67]

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