Transformers and Untramodern 5e

Ultramodern 5 is D&D5e for modern and future worlds. It changes the class structures and ads more layers for character creation and development, which include modern weapons and abilities – such as machine guns and computer systems.

Recently I was introduced to a game that wanted to use D&D5e/Ultramodern but also in the Transformer’s Universe (which is owned by Hasbro, which owns Wizards of the Coast, which owns D&D). The games pitch sounded interesting but when I joined there was nothing for documentation on creating characters or anything – so I just made an Ultramodern 5 Human – and then found out we could make Cybertronian’s (Autobots/Decepticons), without any game mechanic rules.

What follows is my take on Transformers 5e that I created in a few hours and never fleshed out as the game dissolved before it started, and I have an interest in playing the Transformer’s Universe, but not being the Game Master (GM/DM) of such a game.


Race: Cybertronian

Cybertronian Traits

Ability Score Increases. Cybertronian’s have a maximum ability of 30.

Age. Unknown.

Alignment. Autobot (Good), Decepticon (Evil). There are few neutral Cybertronian’s.

Size. Cybertronian’s come in all shapes and sizes. Choose a size category:

Size Categories

Small Transformation time: can transform as a reaction, or as an Interact with object on your turn.

Medium (ATV’s, Motorcycles, etc.); Transformation time: Bonus action.

Large +2 STR; (small\medium car) Squeezing inside all buildings. Transformation time: Action.

Huge +4 STR; (SUV\Truck\Rig tractor\small plane) Unable to fit inside most buildings. Transformation time: Action.

Gargantuan +6 STR; (tractor & trailer\train car\plane). Unable to fit inside any building. Transformation time: Action.

Chassis Weight

This is the weight class of the Cybertronian, which modifies their AC. This also affects all modes of transformation. Ability score additionals can be split (+2 to STR or CON Or +1 STR & +1 CON).

Light Under 500 lbs; AC 11 + Dex; (most animals, most electronics, etc.) Size: Small to Medium.

Medium +2 to STR or CON; 500 to 2500  lbs; AC 13 + Dex (max 2); (large animals, motorbikes, etc.) Size: Medium to Large.

Heavy +4 to STR or CON; 2500 to 30,000 lbs; AC 14 (no Dex) (most vehicles). Size: Medium to Huge.

Very Heavy +6 to STR or CON; 30,000 and more lbs or more; AC 16 (no Dex) (rigs are 33,000 lbs+). Size: Huge to Gargantuan.

Speed. 30 ft, but can be faster in alternate form (Alt-Mode).

Mechanical. Immune to poison, disease, and extremes of heat and cold. No need for food or sleep.

Cybertronian Training. Cybertronians are proficient with one modern weapon of their choice – commonly the weapon they choose as their starting gear.

Alt-Modes. All Cybertroinian’s have alternative modes they can transform into, some examples are: vehicles, animal, insect, dinosaur, or other type of creature or object. Cybertronian’s only have one Alt-Mode unless their class allows for them to transform (polymorph) into additional forms. The Cybertronian only gains the speed and abilities of what they transform into, they keep all the same ability scores and AC.

Starting Equipment

One Simple Weapon

One Small Arms (one or two handed) (Utramodern 5 SRD p.7)

Types of Cybertroinian’s


An Anachronist is a Transformer who, for some reason, does not possess any Alternate Modes. Strictly a living robot of impressive size, Anachronists are uncommon but do still exist on Cybertron and on distant worlds.

Action Master

The Action Master process increases the power of a Transformer at the expense of removing his Transformation Cog—Action Master characters must be of the Class: Anachronist.

Action Masters can create a radio-telepathic link with another Cybertroinian, and can either can use the Help action as a reaction to assist the other Cybertroinian.

City Master

A City Master is a massive Transformer with the ability to assume a total of three modes. They possess 1 robot mode, 1 stationary mode (city), and either 1 vehicle mode or 1 mechanical animal mode.


A Combiner is a Transformer who possesses a robot mode, a vehicle mode, and a third, specialized mode, which allows it to combine with 2-5 other Transformers of the same Combiner team to create one massive robot (a Gestalt, see below). Highly powerful when combined, Combiners are otherwise no different from Default Transformers on their own.

Gestalt Form

When a Combiner team merges, players of the Combiner characters democratically control the Gestalt. The Gestalt uses the average of all component robot ability scores and the Gestalt level is equal to the highest Cybertroinian level plus 1. Utilizing all the combined Cybertroinian’s abilities, skills and feats. The Gestalt form increases in size and chassis depending on the size and chassis of all the additional Cybertroinian’s. The Gestalt form uses its own hitpoints and when depleted each Cybertroinian separates at half their current hit points.

Cybertroinian separates at half their current hit points.

Damage to the Gestalt should be recorded—even if the Gestalt Separates and then later in the same session Merges again, the damaged Functions remains.

Note that a Combiner’s personality is absorbed when it merges, meaning that while combined (and therefore accessing its greatest powers) it cannot pursue its own private agendas.


A Default is a Transformer who possesses a robot mode and one alternate mode, usually a vehicle but sometimes a mechanical animal or stationary mode. The most common kind of Transformer.


A Deployer is a Transformer who possesses two modes: 1 ambulatory (robot, vehicle, or mechanical animal) and 1 stationary. Deployers are often bonded to a Deployer Master (see SubClasses) and are stored, in their stationary mode.

Deployers are not player characters, and are not built the same way as player characters.

Deployer Master

The Deployer Master process grants a Transformer the ability to store, launch, and mentally communicate with Class: Deployer Transformers that are bonded to them. A Deployer Master’s bonded Deployers are subservient (under the control of the Deployer Master’s player). The DM may choose to allow the Deployer Master to maintain 2 additional Deployers at his or her discretion.


A Duocon is a Transformer who possesses a robot mode and the unusual ability to become two separate vehicle modes at the same time. The robot separates into two vehicles, one airborne and one land-locked, which it controls simultaneously. The Vehicle modes have different Specifications. When dividing, the Transformer splits its hit points between the two modes however the player wishes, and damage from either vehicle mode does transfer back to the robot mode.


A Microcombiner is a Transformer of the Micromaster SubClass who possesses a robot mode and the unusual ability to become half of a vehicle, requiring a Merge with another Microcombiner in order to create a whole vehicle. While in vehicle form, the two Microcombiners share command of the vehicle mode with both personalities active. When creating the character, determine if your Microcombiner is a Front or a Rear. Front Microcombiners only assign vehicle mode Specification points to Maneuverability and Firepower, while Rear Microcombiners only assign points to Armor and Speed. Any two Microcombiners can combine to form a vehicle mode (as strange as that seems) as long as 1 is a Front and 1 is a Rear.

Microcombiner are the fastest and versatile of Cybertroinian as it allows for more specialization in certain aspects without compromising versatility.


A Mutant is a Transformer from the Beast Era who possesses two organic modes but no robot mode. Mutants are often insane, but they occasionally manifest small legacies of their former robotic nature, such as a robotic face hidden somewhere on their body or a limited amount of cybertronian weaponry.

Organic Explorer

An Organic Explorer is a Transformer from the Beast Era who possesses a robot mode and an alternate mode that simulates an organic form (such as an animal or, less commonly, a plant).

All-Spark Oracle

The All-Spark Oracle process grants a Transformer of the Organic Explorer Class a mystically altered form of transformation and unique abilities. It is recommended that Narrators only allow All-Spark Oracle in Beast Era games.


A Transmetal is a Transformer from the Beast Era who was modified by the Quantum Surge unleashed by the Vok. Transmetals started out as Organic Explorers but, upon being affected by the Quantum Surge, experienced a change in their organic mode, causing it to become a mechanimal mode able to assume a mode very similar to a vehicle. (add either tracks, wheels, jets, etc.)

Transmetal 2

The Transmetal 2 process, created through the application of a Vok Transmetal Driver to a Transformers spark, utterly transforms a Transformer into a larger, more powerful form. (Increase size and Chassis)


A Triplechanger is a Transformer who possesses a robot mode and two alternate modes, usually two different vehicles but sometimes a vehicle and a mechanical animal or stationary mode.



The Drone process creates a Transformer with minimal mental faculties and a limited form of spark, instead focusing on brute force. Drones are created and have the states and abilities as their creator, but with -4 to all abilities and are completely subservient to their master.


The Firecon process (sometimes called Monsterbot or Sparkabot process) grants a Transformer the ability to project flame in their nonrobot mode. This flame projection makes Firecons particularly good at bypassing enemy armor and can have unfortunate collateral damage effects on the surrounding battlefield.


The Fuzor process gives a transformer with an organic mode both enhanced combat abilities and an unconventional combination of attributes. The organic mode of a Fuzor is the fusion of two different animals, such as a wolf and an eagle. These forms often have increased projectile capabilities.

Headmaster \ Powermaster

The Headmaster has a radio-telepathy connection with a Transformer with an alternate mode to a human partner wearing a power-suit that allows the partner to convert into the Transformer’s head when the character is in robot mode, while serving as the vehicle mode’s pilot. Headmaster partners are subservient characters (always under the control of the Headmaster player). The player should maintain a character sheet for the Headmaster partner.


The Macromaster process grants a Transformer a larger-thannormal robot mode (usually with a correspondingly large vehicle mode). Macromasters are roughly the same size as Combiner Gestalts, standing double the size of a Default Transformer. Macromaster vehicle modes are typically only “disguises” in specialized situations—giant space rockets and aircraft carriers only belong in certain places!


The Micromaster process grants a Transformer a smaller-than-normal robot mode (usually with a correspondingly compact vehicle mode). Micromasters are roughly the same size as humans in robot mode.


The Omnibot process grants a Transformer the ability to activate an enhanced version of their vehicle mode by taking a Transform/Change Mode action while in Vehicle mode. This enhanced version grants the advantages listed below, and the Transformer can convert directly from enhanced vehicle mode to robot mode without first converting back to “standard” vehicle mode.

An Omnibot’s enhanced vehicle mode can do one of the following:

  • add 2 points to any one physical specification (STR DEX CON)
  • Increase their speed by +10
  • possess an alternative locomotion technique (granting a car the power of flight, or a jet fully-functional land travel ability, for example).

These modifications are variable, and what enhanced configuration will be activated is determined when the Transform action is taken.


The Pretender process grants a Transformer the ability to transform into any mundane fixed place object they can scan (see and examine).


The Targetmaster process allows a Cybertroinian in robot mode to take in targeting information from allies. Allies must take the “target” action on their turns, and the targetmaster gains +1 to attack and damage rolls for each allie targeting.


The Throttlebot process grants a Transformer the ability to drastically reduce the amount of time required to transform between modes. (Action TO Bonus Action TO Reaction TO Interact with Object).


The Triggerbot process grants a Transformer the ability to share his full weapons complement between robot and vehicle modes.


Transformers Tabletop 2.0
Transformers: RPG
Utramodern 5 (SRD)

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