Tales from The Legion of the All-Consuming Flame 3

Tales from The Legion of the All-Consuming Flame 1 [March 30, 2018]

Tales from The Legion of the All-Consuming Flame 2 [April 13, 2018]

The following is just my campaign notes after game sessions (sometimes days after).

Expect updates and clarifications.

New orders, their is a high need for resources, specifically slaves to start rebuilding the sakbe roads and also food to feed them.

April 20

In the pursuit of escaping Milumanaya after a raid on their village to capture supplies and slaves. The party travels through a ancient unknown temple with images of crops, people, animals, death and strange symbols that no one knew, but the wizard confirmed exudes Transmutation magic.

Traveling past the temple, the party continues pursuing the nomads deeper into the Underworld.

June 16th

The party tested the Tubeway car and the stations they had programmed:

  1. beneath small anchent temple in Sa’a Allaqi, just south or Gral.
  2. Blocked in tubeway station
  3. Tubeway car stopped outside station – station/tracks destroyed
  4. pit on the Milumanaya desert 1 day northeast of Synraya, old temple temple berried beneath the sand, crypts below that, Tubeway Car station below that [where demon was summoned and released into the world]
  5. beneath the catacombs of Sunraya (lower levels of Sunless Citadel).
    Well in Sunraya, the Hereksa and Sharto of Vimuhla have dinner with Kerdu (General) Chidonu hiSraisha to request additional forces to take a defensible town.The Kerdu offers another company of 100 soldiers to accompany the party back. As well as a cohort (400) from the “Legion of the Scales of Brown” (heavy legion) being sent to reinforce the position and will then take control of the town.

The Kerdu also offers the Hereksa’s company the duties of taking control of, and fortifying the Tubeway station below Sunraya, which then can have the following outcome:
1) Don’t take the offer and continue being among those in front of the army – more likely to get promotions!
2) Take the offer, change companies and have your Sargent’s and perhaps 20 men oversee the security of the path to the Tubeway station – no chance of further promotions, less chance of death in battle.
3) Take the offer and stay part of an active forward company, using party resources to pay other to secure the Tubeway station well maintaining what’s left of the magical company.

The Hereksa has taken the 3rd option at this time.

In the town, the party had taken control of the temple, followed by the fortification, and the rest of town. With taking control of the Temple, the party has been blessed\cursed with fertility – Sharto Lo’darth having been extra blessed as any ejaculate that lands on soil is now extra rich and fertile ground.

The town is your’s but can you keep it and the spoils before the “Legion of the Scales of Brown” come to reinforce the position, or will a Sa’a Allaqi Cohort reclaim the land?

After experiencing a small ass-kicking from the minor demon you watched come into this world 3 months ago. Who in that time had captured the minds of an underground community of fish-folk and organized the summoning of a greater demon into the plane of Tékumel, you now know some real fear.

The lead tactical wizard, Heréksa (Lieutenant) Nikolai Abrosus hiNiko (Jordan) has figured out from his notes that the demons will try and undermine certain powers within the world so their masters (the Pariah Gods) will gain access to Tékumel to nullify existence. And the Pariah demons heading towards Tsolyánu first.

Oh, and you are also lost in the Underworld, with your original point of reference having been destroyed.

After escaping the terror of a demon in the Darklake, the party spent almost a month traveling the Darklake and then up a Underworld river until they encountered [Ian] and a small squad who had been attached and found an onclave of Ssú. And under a week from the city of Hekéllu!

Having rescued another Heréksa, 41 soldiers (36 have 1 lvl exhaustion), and one N’lüss , you’ll need to breach the surface well fending off the Ssú.

June 30

The party is traveling to the other clan houses investigating the missing clan children.

Your Kasi has received the following scroll:
“I know you’re looking for the children. I have been wronged as well. I can provide information and direction, come at once to 3 Lancet Street, Foreigners Quarter, Palá Jakálla. The demons are here.”

There is also a tarot card “A green island on blue water with 6 cups”

Well traveling the party has also been approached for small jobs.
One to block off a street from passersby. They found out that it was from an Assassain from one of the Assassian clans, their to beat his assigned target unconscous. Learning a very pointed lesson – If they ever need legal advice, go to the Assassin Clans.

Another, in Jaikalór the party was tasked with protecting a small Temple of Ksarul during a ritual – to keep anyone from entering the temple until sunrise.
They managed to keep enemies – dressed as Sarku worshipers – from entering, but two of their guards where killed. This makes for some troubles as who were the assailants – Sarku breaking the Concordat, followers of the Pariah God “The One Other”, or someone else throwing confusion?

One of the guards has been revived, and changadésha hiZwicker is happy to have flesh not so pristine as his was after the incident with a medi-bed in a site of the Ancients. He’s feeling pretty happy with his acid eched body and Vimuhla brands and scars. And having survived (barely) his first on-slot with a full EPT spellcaster, he’s counting his blessings.

The party will likely need to speak with OAL representatives, and present themselves to the Palace of the Priesthoods to ensure there isn’t a breach in the Concordat… Unless you just leave and have the temple of Ksarul deal with it…

To Jakálla, jewel of the empire – a metropolis. Then find a boat to take you across to Palá Jakálla to perhaps finally find answers.

July 6

Shárto Lo’darth hiFisher of Red Sword Clan received the high honour of being branded at the Temple of Vimúhla in Jakálla with his fiancee Shárto (Priestess) hiTélkolmu of Vimuhla of Red Sun from Fasíltum (age -1), who also received the honorable branding.

She is the youngest daughter of the retired Kérdu (general) Kadarsha hiTélkolmu, Red Sun clan, of The Legion of the Searing Flame.

Both are now Qusúnchu – high priests – of Vimúhla (90 Kitárs\month). To progress any farther in rank, they will need to pick a home temple and wait for an opening. Most likely to find such positions in new territory such as Sunráya…

July 5th, 2018
In Jakálla
Jess & Dave meet betrothed
Dave gets 6th Circle Vimuhla branding
Meeting at Palace of the Temples about village temples being attacked.

Travel across the river to Palá Jakálla
Meet with Salarvani fortune teller “Zellara”
Started investigating Caspieran’s Salvation for missing children.

  • 1 Renown (temple)
  • 10 Downtime

July 9th

The party meet with the Palace of the Priesthoods in Jakálla, finding out that smaller temples in villages in the province have been attacked similarly to what happened to the party in the village of Setnakh and the Ksárul temple.

Kasi Shekkára hiGurúma (Jess), and Shárto Lo’darth hiFisher (Dave) have meet their future spouses and started arrangements for the weddings.

The party has finally arrived in Palá Jakálla, and directly off of the boat they have meet Zellara, a foreigner from Salarvyanu. She was able to devine information of where the clan children might have been taken. They are now making plans to infiltrate the hospice “Caspieran’s Salvation” to gain information.

July 13, 2018
In Palá Jakálla
The Party investigated an old temple to some foreign god, now used as a soup kitchen and sanctuary run by an old, alcoholic priest of Keténgku, cohort of Lord Thúmis.
Many of the beggars and poor who had taken up residence were actually ruffians who transported and sold Shiver – a drug made of Zu’ur, The parties quick actions get them to find the leader of this group, and bring him and the evidence they have before the local commander of the Omnipotent Azure Legion..
After such an exhausting day, the party is finally able to go find their local clan house… and meet with Molkár Taimoshétl hiSukándar, local commander of the OAL. There are things to be discussed.

  • 1 Renown

July 27th, 2018

The party investigates an old fishery on the outskirts of the Foreigners Quarter of Pála Jakálla. There they discovered a score of children, one of which the Kási Shekkára recognizes from the Red Sword Clan. The party then goes about beating down the taskmasters of the building, getting the children to escape and then ran off to hide elsewhere in the city.
Now, fresh from the stink of an old fishery that provided cheap fish broth for the area and reeking of it, the party comes out to discover pandemonium in the streets. You can hear alarms in the distance, the smoke of fires in the sky, and the hollering of people in the streets.
The party is about to take their captives back to the Omnipotent Azure Legion (OAL) when in the streets they coming across shén fighting guards. After one shén ripped a guard in half, showing the party in blood and guts, you can see his two companions about to shred the remaining guards. The ‘nakomé (clanless) shén scum will make short bloody work of these guards without assistance…

  • 1 renown (Palá Jakálla) regional

Aug 2nd, 2018

Defeating the Shen attacking the guard, the PCs take their captives to the OAL building for interigation. They learn that a shipment of shiver, a Zu’ur laced drug will be coming in by ship this very night. They also learn the location of a warehouse housing children and drugs.

Taking the captives to the temple of Chiténg for an elaborate death. The leader will likely take a week to be impaled on a fast growing sapling. The rituals of sacrifice took 4 hours, but rested the party.

immediately after, the party grabbed some quick vendor food, the party travels to the dock for the ship that will be coming in. They once again came across the madman ‘fallen angel’ who screamed at hiZwicker:
“I have seen you in my dreams, why are you in my dreams?!? They are my dreams!! You will near death during a time of great sickness and peril during our darkest hour, and this will usher in a new age of writhing doom!”

He then feed some bread to hiZwicker from unknown origins.

At the docks the party tried milling about and hiding, but made for painfully obvious agents. Men on the docks attacked just as the ship was getting in. Shooting crossbows at the party even before latching to the dock. Birds, monkeys, and the scream of a woman below deck alert the party to what may be in the hold.

When the tides turned the enemy attempted to burn the boat to the waterline, but the quick actions of hiZwicker, and the first use of his mystical ‘eye of Fridged breath’, which no one cares to know where he keeps since his cloths are constantly being burned or melted off… but its powers are fearsome – stopping the flames and freezing any remaining enemies on the ship into ice blocks.

Upon entering the hold, the party is attacked by something in the dark. Tentacles reach out, slashing at anyone in range. A displacer spider, once caged, has been release to feed on the creatures below deck.

With the ship secured, and a hold of creatures, clan-children, and the Zu’ur laced Shiver drug, the party learns more about whats going on.

The warehouse close by is where the children where kept, and the majority of drugs have been processed…

  • 1 renown (Palá Jakálla)

Aug 10, 2018

  • Ship: 12 children – 3 of from Red Sword Clan
  • Warehouse 10 children
  • Renown: 1
  • Downtime: 5

The party enters the warehouse with the same amount of finesse as every other situation, without any. starting at a warehouse loading door, the party mows through guards indiscriminately, not knowing if they officially work there or not. They only know that they are likely from Salarvia.
After reaching the building, and taking care of all but one guard, the party finds a large series of boxes stacked in such a way that past situations haunt those who notice it.

Discovering nothing on the main floor that links the ship filled with captured slaves and drugs, the party discovers a way into a basement. Their they discover the drug processing facility, more children, and Displacer Spiders which seem to be part of the process of making Zu’ur into Shiver.

Now the party must get the prisoners, children, and drug evidence to safety in a city gone mad.

Aug 17, 2018

  • Returned:
    7 children returned to Red Star clan with Grau hiSoldado, a tirrikamu of the guards of Palá Jakálla
  • 1 child (8yo from Usenánu) returned to Sea Blue
  • 5 children are Red Sword
  • 9 children from different Medium to high clans

The party encourages some poor fishermen and their families to come aboard the captured ship and sail it to a dock close to the OAL office. By mid-morning they arrive. Lo’darth hiFisher, Shárto (Priest) of Vimúhla, runs to the OAL office to gather some agents, and in his priestly address running he incites mild panic in an area under martial law.
Arriving at a fairly deserted OAL office, there are perhaps 10 guards at the entrances limiting who may enter or remain in the area, and nothing but Admin staff inside – with the riots all agents are busy elsewhere. A note is left for Taimoshétl hiSukándar, molkár (major and highest ranking OAL in the area) of the local OAL office.

Back on the ship, the party hoists the plague flag, and leaves, taking the children back to the clan house – on the other side of the city proper.
after 2 hours of traveling the streets which are enforced under martial law, the party encounters a drunk city guard. The guard accosts the party, striking hiLarsen, who remains calm and doesn’t draw a weapon, to then convey guards ignoble actions in the face tragedy. Grau hiSoldado of Red Star clan joins the group escorting children to the clanhouse. He’s given the 7 children of Red Star, a medium clan related to and close to Red Sword. He tells the drunken tail of love and loss. The mayor’s death hit him hard, the riots hit him harder.

By early-afternoon the party arrives at the clanhouse, the children are bathed and dressed. The single child of Sea Blue clan is ushered back to his clanhouse, where the party meets Glorio (Bahor) hiArkonas, a clan elder of Sea Blue. They return of the child is discreet, and in return the party gets renown for their endevours, 3000 kitárs, and a favor of the Sea Blue clan, as well as arranging for an audiance with Governess Ileosa. The party waits out the heat of the day in the cool clanhouse of Sea Blue, regailing tails of the war in the northeast, and the vanishing village of Váldouché.

After a well deserved rest the party is aroused in the middle of the night as Taimoshétl hiSukándar requests everyone’s attendance as he eats, asks questions about what the parties been up to, and relays some information of his own.

The boat wasn’t found. By the time the OAL arrived it had been gone for some time. The OAL ‘interviewed’ the fishermen who had been on the boat, and squatting nearby, trying to avoid guards and rioters. A sorcerer and 6 men had come with supplies and had taken the boat back south down the river.

Taimoshétl also shares that the new govenour, Ileosa, is not allowing the army to enter the city, well also not supporting the city guard either, well recruiting the more talented guards to her own ‘Red Guard’. The party is requested to find Verik hiVancaskerkin, Green Kirtle clan. a sergeant of the guard who has run off with other guards in the riots. You are requested to capture him and any other rogue guards, and bring them to the OAL office. If any of them are killed, to discreetly dispose of the bodies.

Verik hiVancaskerkin, Green Kirtle clan, formerly a Tirrikamu (sergeant) of the Pála Jakálla guard. (age 24, status 25)

Discreet messages are sent to the other clans who’s children you have in residence. Asking for a clan elder to come meet for mutual clan business.

The next morning Grau hiSoldado of Red Star clan, Tirrikamu (sergeant) of the Legion of Guards for Pála Jakálla comes by to pay shamtla (blood money) to hiLarsen. He offers 30 kitárs (a months wages) in recompense, and thanks everyone for setting him straight and back on the noble path.

Tirrikamu (sergeant) Grau hiSoldado of Red Star clan (medium) in the Legion of Guards for Pála Jakálla. – Allie to the party.

A runner from Sea Blue brings a message, you are to meet with the governess in 3 days.

Aug 17th, 2018

  • 3000 Kitárs – 2000 left with clan, 200 each party member (5).

Aug 23, 2018

  • Returned 9 children to med to high clans for inducements.
    [Party gains a favour from one High Clan and two Medium clans.]

The next 3 mornings are spent in meetings with clan elders who you’ve invited under the pretext of clan business – but in actuallity to return clan children.

Also in this time the party has heard of sightings of Verik at “All the Worlds Meat”

Verik hiVancaskerkin, Green Kirtle clan, formerly a Tirrikamu (sergeant) of the Pála Jakálla guard. (age 24, status 25).

The party goes their and through shear force of annoyance, gets some cuts of meat. Which they take to an alchemist shop to have tested. The meat isn’t poisoned, but they do confirm that some of the meat is Hmélu meat, but some of it is humanoid…

With this knowledge the party slips over the back gate, and just before making a grand entrance, they find 4 of the former guards about to head out fully armed and armoured.

The Vimúhla spellcaster, hiCrerar quickly freezes three of them in their place. Allowing the party to quickly immobilize all but one. The one is beaten down by hiZwicker was about to be knocked unconscious but then hiCrerar froze him to death. The next hour hiZwicker then needed to dispose of the body, in a most gruesome way by pounding it down through the greats in the kill floor.

The party discovered that the ex-guards where freelancing as assassins, and disposing of the bodies through the meat shop.

Verik hiVancaskerkin was found pacing on the second floor. Confronted with the news of his subordinates killing and disposing of the meat, Verik tries to escape, but gets held in place by hiCrera’s spellcasting.

The party gathers more evidence, loads everything\one into the hand cart, looking like nothing more than building supplies, they take their charges to the OAL office.

Sept 6, 2018
Got job from OAL Molkár to get political letters from a Mu’ugalavyáni minor diplomat who runs a gambling, brothel and drug den within his diplomatic building. Devargo Barvasi AKA “King of Spiders”. The letters are to be used to put some pressure on a Liváni delegate who’s pushing for trade sanctions against Tsolyáni.

Given bribe money and an incentive to ensure Devargo is disposed of, half the party infiltrates the compound as part of a group being tested to be employed. The other half (the Kási and Shárto) instead partake of the gambling and women of the building. The shárto leaving two women accustomed to servicing people to discover in a month or two that the Lisutl-root failed in every way it could.

They then go see Devargo and negotiate for the letters, and leave with everything needed, at a steal of a deal!

The other two, now guards of the building, are put on the worst shift on their first night, but with a few other fellows to teach them the ropes and make sure they aren’t stealing anything. Quickly sneaking the other two into the building, they stealthily get into a ‘secured’ area and disposing of Devargo and some creatures. They also managed to start some small fires, now to just fain them into larger flames!

  • Renow: +1

Sept 14th, 2018
Devargo and one guard dead, the party disposed of the last on-duty guard and starts burning the evidence. A quick look around they found a small Shiver lab and a little Zu’ur, as well as 14 ingots of stolen iron from their clan house!

Getting back to the clan house and resting all day, the party gets ready to meet Ileosa hiArabasti of Sea Blue, the current Governess of Palá Jakálla.
The meeting in the late afternoon the party return Ileosa’s stolen broach, something she is more grateful to have back. She then lets the PC’s know that the governors death was actually murder and they are closing in on figuring out who the suspects are.

Ileosa then implores the PC’s to do her a service and deal with a little messy situation with the Livyáni trade delegation. The grandson of one of the Livyáni ambassadors has been killed by rioters, and worse, the bodies gone missing.

After the meeting with the governess, the party stops by their OAL offices for a debriefing. Molkár Taimoshétl has found out that the one being named as the murder is likely a scapegoat and he wants the PC’s to find Trinia hiSabor of Flat Peak clan.

The party Heads out to meet the Livyáni deligates at The Palace of Winds. Their they are directed to where Chorguz Shoanti’s grandsons body has been taken, into the Dead Warrens of the City of the Dead, where a necromancer has taken Gaekhen’s body. Livyáni are easy to identify as they are tattooed from head to foot, apparently ones red and black tattoos tell Livyáni everything about themselves, from their clan, status, and profession well into ones future exploits and specialty in magical arts are.But before the party can head to the City of the Dead, they have a little black bag operation first.

Getting into late evening, the party makes for the Flat Peak clan to grab Trinia before anyone else can talk to her. After a brief scuffle on roof tops, Tirrikamu Olm hiLarsen captures her, but not without someone seeing and getting some guards involved…

  • Iliosa broach reward: silver box (50 kitars)
  • 12 Gold ingots (100 each)
  • PCs asked her for information on missing children
  • Regional renown +4
  • Killing Devargo Barvasi “King of Spiders” Mu’ugalavyáni, and getting the latters. OAL reward of 1200kitars. Imperial renown +2
  • Recovered 14 iron ingots
  • Clan renown +3

Sept 28, 2018
The party went into The Dead Warrens and discovered underground laboratories, all in order to retrieve the grandson’s body of a Livyáni diplomat. Appeased, the OAL now has all the leverage needed to ensure that trade terrifes wont be put in place on Tsolyáni shipments to Livyánu.

The parties hears that the Governess has found Trinia of Flat Peak Clan and will hang her in the morning. The OAL in fact have Trinia hidden.

The parties time is running short, and most leave in the next two days to make it to Fasiltum for the ceremonies – and perhaps some knowledge.

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