Review: Rick and Morty vs. D&D

Spoilers Ahead!

The story premise is initially Morty finding out all the kids at school are playing D&D and that Gamers get laid. What he doesn’t know is that you get laid in an RPG sense. A couple steps below online adult chat, a far cry from sexting, and fully not what Morty envisions, but about appropriate for his age group.

After buying the 5th edition books and not understand anything, as it’s a game to be played more so then read. Reading an RPG book is like reading Shakespeare: yes it can be read understood but is meant to be experienced in person.

Barney goes to Rick to try and get the information and planted in his head from better understanding and Rick is proud this grandson; discovered the possibilities imagination and Adventures of D&D.

Rick a long time lover of D&D, having played “before the red box”, the Basic Set of 1981.

Rick starts off by torturing Morty with an old-school all-night session of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons first edition. He had to roll his stats (with “house rules”), and start at level 1 with a long time, advanced level group of gamers.

Rick as Alkazaar the Magnificent

He died 7 times and made a new character after each death. He never survived long enough to level (which just surviving once would have likely got him to Lvl9+).

I’ve played AD&D, I don’t remember a character living through things. When I started DMing, I made a lot of house rules and shortly after that 2nd Ed was released (1989) – DMing and house rules soon followed. The main one that stayed to this day – I don’t start anyone at 1st OR 2nd level. Unless it’s DDAL, [because f#çk], and tend to use any DDAL DM experience to start my characters not at level 1.

After which Morty was frustrated [rightly so], I want to learn on his own, which Rick stop thumb and pulled out a second edition Dungeons & Dragons a bunch of equipment and off to Blip and Chitz.

Getting connected to a heavily modded modified “Roy: A Life Well Lived” into a second edition Grayhawk. Starting in the town of Restenford, and heading up to “Bone Hill“.

After a full page of boner jokes, Rick and Morty have the first encounter, a critical fail, and their bodies ripped out of the modified machine causing their death.

Death of Rick and Morty.JPG

End of first comic.

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