Heroes of ONE Punch Man as D&D5e Characters

I really enjoy the anime created by the Japanese artist known as ONE. There’s no way of playing the main protagonist, One Punch Man himself, Saitama, as that would be a) overpowered; and b) boring!

However, there are several other characters worth recreating using D&D5e rules for the fun of it. A lot of them would overlap for creating them using standard D&D rules, as it’s all about the flavour and flair used in playing the characters. 

Heroes Picnic

The ranking within the Heroes Association would come down to levels in D&D5e – the only mechanical difference between Tanktop Tiger, Tanktop Blackhole, and Tanktop Master will be their levels, while in play the main thing will be the cosmetics and personality differences [aka, hairstyle and colour of tank top…].

I’m skipping many heroes for the following reasons: 

  1. I cannot think of how to make the characters using existing D&D5e rules (no homebrew, but not always DDAL legal).
  2. I’m not interested in the character

S-Class Heroes

S-Class heroes are the high-level characters – these are all the tier 4 characters, though many will work well in tier 3 D&D games – many lower-class heroes having the same abilities, just less refined (all the Open Hand Monks).

Silver Fang (Bang)

Human. Monk (Open Hand or Four Elements).

Atomic Samurai (Kamikaze).

Human. Fighter (Samurai or Battle Master) | Kensi Monk.

Child Emperor

Human. Artificer Battle Smith.


Human. Enchantment Wizard.

Proficient in Deception and Intimidation. 

Superalloy Darkshine

Human. Totem Barbarian.

Watchdog Man

Shifter. Drunken Master Monk.

Flashy Flash

Human [or elf, half-elf]. Fighter (Champion, Battle Master, Eldritch Knight, or Samurai). Using Dueling Fighting Style. 

Genos the Demon Cyborg 

Warforged. Sun Soul Monk / Sorcerer (Draconic or Storm).

Furry of Blows = Machine Gun Blows

Incineration = Burning Hands to Fireball

Metal Bat (Bad)

Human. Paladin of Devotion.

Tanktop Master

Human. Champion Fighter.

Puri-Puri Prisoner 

Protector Aasimar. Zealot Barbarian / Open Hand Monk.

A-Class Heroes

 A-Class heroes are also high-level characters – these are all the tier 3 characters, though many will work well in tier 2 and some are likely tier 4 (Amai Mask). There are 38 heroes in this class.

Sweet Mask, Amai Mask, Handsome Kamen

Changeling. Whispers Bard.

Iaian & Okamaitachi & Bushidrill

Human. Fighter (Any but Eldritch Knight or Arcane Archer).

Iaian wearing heavy armour.

Okamaitachi using a single sword.

Bushidrill using lances and sword.

Heavy Tank Loincloth

Human. Zealot Barbarian.

Blue Fire

Human. Wild Magic Sorcerer.

Only takes Fire-based spells.

Magic Trick Man

Human (variant taking Sharpshooter). Arcane Archer Fighter.

Using Cards (shirken/darts: 1d4 piercing; range 20/60) for all attacks.

Death Gatling

Human. Artillerist Artificer.

TankTop Vegetarian

Human. Champion Fighter.


Human. Battle Master Fighter using a spear.

Twin Tail

Human. Thief Rogue.

Great Philosopher

Human. Glamour Bard.

Butterfly DX


Lightning Genji

Human. Dragon (lightning) Sorcerer.

Lightning Max

Human. Open Hand Monk / Storm Sorcerer (level 5).

One Shotter

Human. Champion Fighter.

Only uses a long riffle (longbow).


Human. Grassland Druid. 

Crescent Eyebroll 

Human. Fighter (Champion, Battle Master, or Samurai).

Wears armour (medium or heavy). Uses a Scimitar.

Golden Ball

Human. Arcane Archer Fighter.

Uses nothing but a Sling.

Smile Man

Human. Fighter (Champion, Battle Master, or Samurai).

Uses a Warhammer with a chain and ball. 

Mechanically just use Warhammer and offhand whip. 

Spring Mustachio

Human. Inquisitive Rogue.


Human. Open Hand Monk.

Peach Terry

Human. Kensi Monk or Fighter (Champion, Battle Master, or Samurai).


Human. Open Hand Monk.

Suffers from the defend condition because of his headphones.

Shadow Ring

Human. Gloom Stalker Ranger.

Doll Master



Human. Fighter or Monk. 


Human. Fighter. Only uses a boomerang.


Human. Fighter Battle Master. 

The kusarigama mechanically should work like a handaxe and offhand whip.

Snake Bite Sneck

Human (or Yuan-Ti Pureblood). Open Hand Monk.

Heavy Kong

Human. [barbarian, Fighter or Monk).

B-Class Heroes

B-Class heroes are likely D&D5e tier 2 to tier 3. I’m going to skip a large number of the 101 B-Class heroes.

Hellish Blizzard Fubuki

Human. Storm Sorcerer.

Wild Horn

Human. Fighter.

Equipment: Heavy Armour. Pile Driver = Spear and Heavy Crossbow. 

Gun Gun

Human. Hunter Ranger.

Uses two hand-crossbows. (or handguns if firearms are available).

Captain Mizuki

Human. Champion Fighter.


Human. Hunter Ranger.

Darkness Blade

Human. Fighter.

C-Class Heroes

These are tier 1 to tier 2 heroes. They’re just a little more powerful than your average peon citizen and likely equivalent to level’s 1-4.

Mumen Rider (Satoru)

Human. Battle Master Fighter. 

Tanktop Tiger

Human. Champion Fighter. – like the other tank tops.


Human. Inquisitive or Mastermind Rogue.


Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Human (variant with Mobility feat). Kensi Monk (high level).

Dr. Genus

Human. Transmutation Wizard (high level).

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