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Last Night On Earth Poster
Last Night On Earth Poster

Last Night on Earth is a survival horror game based loosely off the board game of the same name.

The players are small-town heroes going head-to-head against a horde of zombies. Players choose one of ten(10) heroes, each hero having its own special abilities. The game has several scenarios, which include simple survival, rescue, or escape. Differing combinations of heroes, scenarios, and board configurations offer a lot of playability.

Each turn a hero can search a buildings room to find equipment to provide a tactical bonuses. While Zombies have a different board effect at the start of each combat round. Many of the Hero and Zombie bonuses are zombie movie tropes to achieve a feel of playing out a horror movie. The game also has the original soundtrack of thematic music, and other horror sounds.

This is a conversion of the board game to a stand alone D&D5e game.

Disclamer: This provides addition use of the DnD5e system by using the themes of the boardgame, Last Night on Earth, and it and the creator are wholly unaffiliated with Flying Frog Productions.

The Rules

Players select a single Character from a DM provided list of 3rd level characters. The characters commonly only have the clothes on their back. I recreated the characters from the board game and included some specials, like Nick the Janitor, based on The Janitor from the movie “Willy’s Wonderland“, and Agent Coulson from Marvels Avengers.

Objects & Weapons

All weapons and items used in combat are broken (destroyed) if natural 1, even if after adding bonus the attack hits and damages, the object is still destroyed. A natural 1 is still an automatic miss and destroyed item.

Heroes can only carry as many items as they have hands for. Unless items are Combined (see Combining Items below).

Game Start

1. PCs start in their respective areas
2. Everyone rolls Initiative – but the DM only rolls initiative ONCE and all Zombies go on that Initiative number. 
3. They have no storage and only 2 hands, they can only carry two items at any given time (unless item is special: Keys, Ammo, Objects with Light cast on them)

Players Turn

  • Same as D&D Actions: Regualr Action (Attack, Disengage, Dodge, Shove, Search, Help, etc), Bonus Action (Offhand Attack, etc.), Free Action (open a door; pick up an item).
  • Open Window: Players can take an action to break open a window – after which anyone can go through the window.
  • Search (Intelligence check/Investigation). Players can search an area as long as they are not in melee combat, and only search a building/room/space once each per player. The Intelligence check/Investigation DC is 10, unless special circumstances (ex. Zombie Random Effect: Zombie Pillage increases the DC to 13-15).

Zombie (DM’s) Turn

  • Standard D&D5e Zombies with the following changes:
  • – No Undead Fortitude
  • – No movement as an Action (except with Zombie Special: Extra Zombie Move)

1) Random effect (Light burns out, another zombie raises, zombies move again, a fire stats, etc.)
2) Zombies Move towards living
3) Zombies Attack the living
4) Spawn Zombies: Roll to gain more Zombies – Gain a number of Zombies by how much you roll over the current number of Zombies in Play. (ex. 4 players; 6 Zombies on the board; A roll of 6 or less = no zombies; Roll of 7= +1 Zombie; Roll of 12 = 6 new zombies).

Zombies spawn at Zombie Pits; the number spawned distributed between all Zombie Pits.

Spawn Zombies

Number of Active Players: dice rolled for additional Zombies
1-3: 2d6 Zombies
4-6: 3d6 Zombies
7+: 5d6 Zombies

Zombie Random Effect: Zombie Spawn and Zombie Horde will have Zombies spawn at Zombie Pits no matter the Spawn Zombie roll.

Combining Items

Duct Tape

When found, can be used to combine any 2 items – allowing a hero to hold more items but also making unusual combinations. However, if either items is used up or broken, both items are now broken.

Example. Combining a Flashlight with Axe. If the Axe is used and broken (roll under 5 or under on attack roll) then both items are broken.

Close Wounds: Duct Tape can also be used to close wounds and stop bleeding, allowing the user to expend the Duct Tape to heal 1d4 hit points.


If a vehicle is in working condition it requires Auto Fuel and Keys for players to be able to use the vehicle. 

FoundryVTT Repository: LastNightOnEarth

Installing on FoundryVTT
manifest: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MrBrentRogers/LastNightOnEarth/main/world.json
download: https://github.com/MrBrentRogers/LastNightOnEarth/archive/1.0.zip

Suggested Modules to Improve LastNightOnEarth

Module: Ultramodern5 OGL
Info: https://foundryvtt.com/packages/mod-ultramodern-ogl/
Manifest URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MrBrentRogers/UM5-Ultramodern5-OGL/master/module.json

Adds advanced Guns and Explosives

Module: Multilevel Tokens
Info: https://foundryvtt.com/packages/multilevel-tokens/
Manifest URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/grandseiken/foundryvtt-multilevel-tokens/v0.3.0/module.json

For transport between floors and scenes.

Module: Blood ‘n Guts
Info: https://foundryvtt.com/packages/blood-n-guts/
Manifest URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/edzillion/blood-n-guts/master/src/module.json

Add blood splatter to thing!

Module: Trigger Happy
Trigger Happy is an FVTT module which adds a powerful yet simple system for creating triggers and automating things within a world. We’ll use it to stop PC’s from moving through enemy occupied spaces.
Info: https://github.com/League-of-Foundry-Developers/fvtt-module-trigger-happy
Manifest URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/League-of-Foundry-Developers/fvtt-module-trigger-happy/master/module.json

Stop players from moving through Zombies!


Within Journal Entries > create folder “Trigger Happy” > tranfer Trigger Happy journal not into folder.


@actor[unique code](actor name) @Trigger[move stopMovement ooc]

Module: NPC Chatter
This Module provides a small API that allows your NPCs to randomly chatter off of roll tables defined for them.
Info: https://github.com/cswendrowski/FoundryVtt-Npc-Chatter
Manifest URL: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/cswendrowski/FoundryVtt-Npc-Chatter/master/module.json


Within Rollable Tables > create folder “NPC Chatter” > Transfer all NPC Rollable Tables into folder from “Last Rollable Tables”
Set time interval to 10000 (ms = 10 seconds), otherwise it can get a bit much.

Within an Activated Scene with NPC’s, run Timed Global Chatter macro (NPC Chatter Macro’s included with module).



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