FoundryVTT Module: Combat Utility Belt (CUB)

FoundryVTT is powerful and allows of users to create modules and share with everyone. Some modules are simple, others more complex. And some of those lack documentation on their usage.
Here I will document the usage of the Combat Utility Belt (CUB)

FoundryVTT – Version 0.6.4
Game System: D&D5e version 0.93
Combat Utility Belt version 1.1.3


  • Auto-award XP:
  • Concentration Checks (D&D 5e only)
  • Enhanced Conditions
  • Hide NPC Names
  • Mark Injured/Dead
  • Mighty Summoner
  • Pan to/Select Token
  • Quick Edit Token Resource
  • Reroll Initiative
  • Roll Initiative from Sheet
  • Temporary Combatants

Game Settings > Configure Settings > Combat Utility Belt

Combat Utility Belt Config = CUBPuter

CUBPuter interface

Award XP: this awards XP for defeated enemies in combat – distributing the XP among all PC’s not defeated.

Concentratrator: auto set concentration when a spellcaster casts a spell requiring concentration. Can set Chat & Player prompts and a number of other options.

Enhanced Conditions: Conditions for D&D5e, coloured icons with mouse over display of what each is, a comment in chat with a link to a journal entry of the condition.

Hide NPC Names: changes all NPC names in the Combat Tracker and Chat Log to whatever is set [default: Unknown Creature]

Pan/Select: Used to pan to and select tokens on their turn in combat. Allows for some adjustments, such as only panning and auto-selecting players to tokens they control – so they aren’t forced to pan to every persons turn if they’re concentrating on something for themselves.
[I recommend deselecting Core Setting of Pan to Token Speaker – it will pull all the character view all over, very annoying when everyone has their own view set.]

Reroll Initiative: Initiative is rerolled at the beginning of every combat round.

Temporary Combatants: “Allows the creation of Temporary combatants to track things like environmental or lair actons.”

Triggler: Actually settings are under Game Settings > Triggler

Misc Actor: enables the ability to roll initiative from [some] Actor sheets.

Misc Token: different settings for rolling Hostile Token HP; Size of token effect icons (?); and settings for Mighty Summoner, a Druid Circle of the Shepherd class feature (support D&D 5e only) [uncertain as to what this actually does].

Settings > Combat Utility Belt


I start by setup three triggers to us with the Conditions Lab

If HP is less then 50%:
attributes hp value < 50% max

If HP is greater then 50%:
attributes hp value >= 50% max

If HP goes to zero. One for PCs Only and another for NPCs Only:
attributes hp value = 0

I can’t think of anything else to setup at this time, but please let me know of your ideas!

Condition Lab

I add the Bloodied Condition and set it to turn on when a token in under 50% of its HP, and off when they are back over 50% of their HP.
I then set tokens to get the Unconscious condition when they’re HP drops to zero for PC’s and created a Defeated condition with the attributes.hp.value = 0 (NPCs Only) so PC’s would go unconscious, and NPC’s would die.

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