Review: First look at Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron

It’s exciting to finally have a new campaign book, even if its released only for play-testing [for now]. I’ll be excited when it’s officially released in hardcover, but in the meantime I’ve been reading the PDF.

Eberrron - Keith Baker

176 pages

Six chapters

  1. What is Eberron?
  2. Welcome to Khorvaire
    1. Nations
    2. Magic
    3. Economy
    4. Creating Magic Items
    5. Faiths
    6. Distant Lands
  3. Races of Eberron
    1. Changelings
    2. Kalashtar
    3. Shifters
    4. Warforged
    5. Followed by the specific flavoring of the common races (dwarves , gnomes, 1/2elves, 1/2orcs, halflings, humans…)
  4. Dragonmark
    1. Dragonmark Backgrounds (House Agent, Independent Scion, Excoriate, Foundling)
  5. Magic Items
  6. Sharn, City of Towers

Three Appendix

  1. Further Reading
  2. Glossary
  3. Dragonmarked House Crests

A Word on Race

Whats really special is how the races are changed culturally. I prefer the ‘races’ section of D&D to be ‘Cultures’ instead, as only half the features are specific to the nature of peoples, but more has to do with its nurture.


The Dragonmark is like a variant or subrace of existing races, and commonly also take an appropriate Dragonmark background as well, as you’ll be affiliated with a house of the mark.

Dragonmarked characters can then choose the from and expanded Feat List of Greater Dragonmark and Aberrant Dragonmark.

Optional Rules Referenced:

Hero Points

Chapter 9 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide (p.264)

Characters gain 5+ hero points per level. Spending a Hero Point allows the Player to add a D6 to any dice roll.

Personally, a little weak for ‘superhero’. And a lot of truly hilarious things have happened to my players because they failed so miserably at something (the barbarian soldier who keeps losing his pants in combat – the fact that 5 PC’s have been blessed with extra high fertility, the fire priest who’s so fertile he leaves plants growing in his ‘wake’, etc.) It’s made some great role-playing opportunities.

I did find the ideas presented in ‘Hero Points’ at D&D 5e Road Test much more Super Hero material.

Optional Rule: Environmental Elements

This is a reference of giving a quick situational awareness to a specific character – where they are in relation to whatever may effect the PC. Cosmetic tapestry: the smell of the burnt carpet after the flames of a spell; the ill-feeling of the injuries the PC has taken; that your attackers are 90 feet away and reloaded their crossbows for the next volley.


Eberron is a very cool campaign setting, that really emphasizes that PC’s are superhero’s with a lot of little things. I really look forward to DDAL adding this setting for official games!

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    Will Eberron and Forgotten Realms PCs play side in Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers League games in Season 8 Waterdeep: Dragon Heist?

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