Review: 2021 D&D Movie: The Dragon Cave

Dec 19, 2017 was when the news about a new movie came out. WotC partnered with Paramount Pictures and originally had a release date of Oct 1, 2021.

Since then the date has moved up to July 23rd, 2021. Which is super exciting as the hardest part of D&D is scheduling dates to play.

The setting will be The Forgotten Realms, and the little news that’s come out about it was that it will be lighter-hearted than past movies, with a Guardians Of The Galaxy flavour.

According to Josh Lyons on The Tracking Board, the film is apparently going to be about “a warrior and his band of mystical creatures – including a half-dragon and a cunning gnome – as they embark on a dangerous journey to find a mythical treasure.”

Ansel Elgort from “Baby Driver” is going to be the lead. I hope the movie’s a success and doesn’t kill his career like some previous D&D movies.


Looking at the poster, the characters appear to mimic those of the classic (old but not good) Dungeons and Dragons cartoon from 1983. I dare you to try and watch more than 3 episodes, it’s just so bad.


So will we see:

  • A Ranger with a magical bow
  • A Cavalier with a magical shield
  • An Acrobat with a magical staff
  • A Magician with a magical hat
  • A Theif with a magical cloak
  • A very young barbarian with a magical club
  • and a Unicorn with a magical…

The premise behind the D&D Cartoon was great, the execution was disjointed and confusing.

So everyone hope that for once they get it right on show D&D in an exciting and organized structure, and not like someone left the plot on the cutting room floor like so many movies before.


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  1. Gonz says:

    I remember fondly the 80s cartoon, but after re-watching it I must acknowledge it has been welcomed into my “Guilty Pleasures” shelf. On the other hand, I hope you agree with me in that Guardians of the Galaxy is a D&D movie: you just need to replace space technology with magic and you have a party getting together and learning to be a family against all odds.

    I even imagined it set in Eberron 🙂

    Nice blog, by the way, I just subscribed and I’ll beback for updates frequently.

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