D&D5e Character Optimization: Life Cleric

This Life Cleric build is really great for people who are poor rollers. Instead of rolling to hit, everything is rolling to save against you.


Life Cleric
Human (Variant)
STR 15 DEX -8 CON 14 INT 10 WIS 16 CHR 12
Skill: Perception
Feat: Heavy Armour Master [-3 dmg from physical attacks! There are surprisingly few creatures that do magical damage]
Cantrip(s): Guidance; Sacred Flame
At level 4: Feat: War Caster
At level 5: take the spell(s): “Spirit Guardians“, and tank as everything within 15ft of around you takes Radiant damage. You get “Revivify” as a domain spell, so you get fallen comrades up – just make sure they keep 300gp in diamonds on them so you’re not shelling out the costs.
At level 7: take the spell “Death Ward“, nothing like an auto-save against your character dying.

Basically, you arrive at a fight, try and draw everything to you, drop “Spiritual Weapon” as soon as you can. Once everything has your surrounded, set up “”Spirit Guardians“.

KurseZ88 on Reddit had this to say about “Spirit Guardians“:
“”Spirit Guardians” is pretty powerful. Difficult Terrain, great AoE damage (even if they save targets still take half), you can choose people to be immune to its effects when you cast it, and it lasts 100 rounds. I would recommend Warcaster [feat] and a good Con Save if you do this because you will draw ALOT of attention (and rightly so) by doing this.”

You’re always wanting to ensure your armour is the best you can have, and if you get to choose a magical item “Ring of Evasion” just so you can auto-save that pesky Dexterity saves.

Keep track of how your parties doing so you can lay down heals as needed. But don’t try to out-heal damage during combat. Its a waste of time and resources. It’s better to heal those in dire need, and after combat. “Prayer of Healing” is great for after combat if you can take a 10min rest but not a full short rest.

“Bless” is a good spell to have on hand but it is concentration, so you can’t have “Bless” and “Spirit Guardians” at the same time [unless you get the magical item: Necklace of Prayer Beads

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