D&D Edition: Never Have I [as DM] Ever

  1. PC Death: The most recent was in my EPT game. The party had acquired coins made of clay. These coins contained deadly worms that would burrow into anyone who had the coin against there skin (even close, in pockets, etc.).  The Player in question mentioned they had the ‘coins’ against there skin (in her cleavage). A failed Con save and walla, the party has a dead PC with a corpse turning ash grey and requiring a True Resurrection AFTER finding and destroying the ‘worms’ in the body.
  2.  Nerfed an Item: Currently in my EPT game, many party members have a special ‘magical’ item given to them by their family\clan. Little do they know that they each have a piece of a larger item that if combined (with many other pieces), it makes for almost impenetrable armour. Even separately, the pieces can be made more powerful by spending time and effort to unlock some of the powers of them.
  3. Kobalds are Awesome! I use them with gorilla tactics, so if anyone’s willing to run up to any kobald they see is just walking into a deathtrap.
  4. Player D&D: I have 2 active PC’s currently. A Vengeance Paladin\ Hexblade Warlock who’s battle cry tends to be “Surrender to someone else!” and a Champian Fightiner who takes anything that isn’t nailed down, no matter how worthless.
  5. Fudged dice: as a DM, I barely look at the dice. They’re a way to make a decision or generate ideas. As a player, no – but there are times I wish I had the Lucky Feat…
  6. No mimic actually.
  7. Only when halfway through a major battle when its “to late o’clock”, and I want to keep DMing, but my brain wants to sleep – either watch tv or actively sleep.
  8. I want to use “you can try” more often. I love when players try something unexpected!
  9. Counterspell? No actually.
  10. I’ve player every edition of D&D except 4th.
  11. I really enjoy DMing for children. And learned that 2 hours is commonly more than enough as everyone gets fidgety. I remember a 10yo girl who started combat because she wanted to “Knife someone already”.
  12. One Shots aren’t really something I’ve been successful at. One attempt at running a single 8 hour adventure (for my bday years ago), failed. It turned into three 10 hour sessions.
  13. I’ve had a campaign run for 3 years, with a core of 2-3 playing weekly. My current campaign I’ve run for just a few months, but I’ve played and DMed the group for 3+ years now.
  14. DM’d a party of 8+: Yes. Had a session once with 18 poeple. I broke the groups down into 3 tables with table leaders. I explained the story, had people do initiative, explain the situation and slowly run through everyone. That was one week, the next week we had 12 people, then 6 – which we all got a lot more out of.
  15. DM’d for 2: Yes, can make the game more about RP in that situation, and include mass combat as the PC’s run a battle field as one sides leaders.
  16. I’ve had a fairly decent monster be killed in one round that shocked me a little. I cant think of a named villain going down that quick.
  17. “So you touch it?”: Oh ya.
  18. Dragons are great – and better with backstory!
  19. I ran a homebrew game for 6 years. Was great fun.
  20. TPK? Not that I can remember. [December 2018 update: Yes]

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