Tales from The Legion of the All-Consuming Flame

A newly trained cohort out of Hekellu travels across the Desert of Sighs, hassled Milumanayá nomads, to Sunáya. There to reinforce the Legion of the All-Consuming Flame’s siege, as the city of Sunáya is held by the enemy empire of Yan Kor.


Heréksa Shekkára hiGurúma of Red Sword has proven herself as a capable lieutenant, providing direction yet freedom for her Karéng (Company) to bring Glory to The Flame.

Kasi (captain) Chargesh hiVriddi orders Heréksa Shekkára hiGurúma to handpick a group to descend into an Underworld entrance, in the hopes of finding their way into the Sunráya, and attack the city from within.

With orders to breach the city and open the eastern gates, the party descends. Meeting a Milumanayá nomad tribe dedicated to training a young Serudla (wingless dragon). The party also comes across a previous group sent down who meet grizzly ends. They retrieved items identifying the bodies and gave them proper Vimuhla rights of the dead – by converting their physical shells into ash through cleansing fire.

Discovering something sinister happening in the Underworld, the party investigates. There is Food of the Suu being grown for the gods know what reason. Defeating the mastermind behind the growths, and releasing what remained within the city causes a suitable amount of confusion in Sunáya. The eastern gate is undermanned and soon the gates are flung open for the sieging army to gain entrance.

The party is victorious, and honours are awarded. Heréksa Shekkára hiGurúma manages to secure a small house within Sunáya for the occupation. Allowing a select few to also reside there with her.

Sunáya to Thri'íl.jpg

Kérdu (General) Chidonu hiSraisha of Hekellu gives Heréksa Shekkára’s Karéng (Company) a new mission. Go to the city of Thri’íl in Tsolyani and return with supplies as the city has not been getting any.

Having received just enough supplies for the company to perish halfway to Thri’íl, Tirrikamu (sergeant) Kel’Ra hiMorgan becomes the karéng quartermaster, supplementing the food and water with tasteless gruel that maintains the soldiers even in the oppressive high heat. Five days into this desert journey and no ones become ill or died from the heat, almost unheard of!

But fortune doesn’t always mean no misfortune, and in the early morning hours, before anyone but a few sentry guards are up, there’s a new problem. A giant sand worm is in the area. This colossal creature will likely eat the entire karéng before breakfast! Luckily with everyone asleep, it hasn’t been alerted to their presence, but that will change soon as people get up to walk around.

sand worm.jpg

Su’umél (Priest) Lo’darth hiDavíd and Kuruthúni (Elite Soldier) Zavuco hiZwicker slowly head off into the desert to distract the creature before it can attack the karéng, likely bravely sacrificing themselves for the good of all. The rest of the karéng is slowly awakened and put into battle positions. A hundred soldiers in their night clothes with spears ready to take on a colossal worm of teeth and death, but they have trained for discipline, and with practised precision, the ranks form, minds clear, and focus is set.

It’s subtitle, but then there’s a mummer, then gentle hum in the Desert of Sighs as for the first time outside of just training, the battle magic contingent starts up. Alerting the giant worm in the distance.

As the worm closes, Kuruthúni Zavuco hiZwicker goes into action. Creating such a cacophony as to redirect the worm to them. With some distance for the worm to travel, Su’umél Lo’darth hiDavíd and Kuruthúni Zavuco hiZwicker do what anyone does when facing off against a giant worm… RUN!


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