Restenford – where’s that name from?

“The Secret of Bone Hill” by Lenard Lakofka (1981).

Restenford was the town that was meant to be a parties base camp. Way back when we used Bone Hill and Keep on the Borderlands in conjunction. Later when I created my own world, the locations became something more.

The keep on Bone Hill was rebuilt and used for dark ceremonies, and eventually, the entire hill was converted to a floating fortress, powered by death, and yet was also used as a travelling trading post for the Northern Empire of Venicii.

Baron Grellus became Lord Grellus, and he leads a council protecting the fledgling nation of Mountains Point Confederation (MPC) for 40 years. Mostly battling against raiders and invaders from the North. The south is the blasted remains of the previous country of Pins Point, with deserts for leagues south of that.

I created a broad story-line with events set to happen at certain times or under certain circumstances. The NPC’s the characters got to know had sorted and sometimes dark backstories. I used elements from literature and other adventures and put them into the world. And since this was D&D2nd edition, I had large laminated printouts of THAC0 (To Hit Armour Class 0).

I don’t miss THAC0 at all. Or the copious amounts of rules around combat from AD&D 2nd Edition.

Want information about Restenford and “L1: The Secret of Bone Hill”? Visit The Restenford Project

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