Random Intrigue Table

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Murder mystery plot:
Setting: 1920s. A group of young women who gather in the parlor of an older suffragette who used to be a factory girl but came into money after her family died in WWI.

She discovers all the victims were abusers or helping hush up abuse. She finally concludes the killer is none other than another young lady in the circle she’s always had a crush on.

So instead of outing her, she helps her cover her tracks better because fuck those guys, and convinces her that instead of killing them, together they’ll just undermine their lives in less traceable ways.

They start dating and spend the rest of their lives ruining the lives of abusive men no one will do anything about, conspiring with the tea circle.

Better yet: The tea club is run by two older sisters and one of them is a trans woman who served in the war. She gives the girls pointers on self defense and spycraft.

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