EPT – Human Space Empire Training Facility: aka Alpha Complex!

So recently I wanted to take a time out from our regular heavy EPT game and have some fun well also providing my players with some new abilities. So I sent them on a journey to test the user of one of their golden disks to travel around the globe in a tubeway car to the Human Space Empire Training Facility – aka Alpha Complex of the Paranoia RPG.

The resources I used as a DM:

  • D&D5e Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (DotMM)
  • Paranoia RPG – for flavour

The party arrived in a great underground space, and after exploring they discovered the walls were made of glass – with centuries of dust and grime attached making them appear more like ancient stone walls.

I was using DotMM map 2: Arcane Chambers. I then described it as if it was an ancient mall. With security rooms, shops and stores, and creatures now inhabiting the area – I replaced the fake vampires with Hrá “The Bloodsucker” [ EPT Vampires].

They traveled around until they were all slightly wounded, exhausted, and a bit greedy – which allowed them to then drop into vats of glowing green ooze – and awaken being decanted in red jumpsuits and being ordered to report to their mission briefing in Section 17, Area 12 Delta [Map 17 – 12d]. They then had to make their way to the briefing room – all but one survived – run down by a security bot on patrol – and not fast enough to get out of the way. The rest were almost killed off by a malfunctioning trash bot gunning everyone down in the outer offices. A quick dive and roll by the party, a well-placed Darkness spell placed so the room went black and the bot was sucked in a pocket dimension by the Equipment Officer [I don’t recall how they got the ability to do that].

The Tsolyani military personnel were then given their assigned mandatory duties – the second-lowest in the army was made the team leader, the lowest [party barbarian who’s curst with filth] was made the Hygeian Officer, the Kasi (captain of the army) was made the Equipment Officer, the party cleric – a fanatical Vimuhla worshiper who sports tattoos and burns documenting his those he’s cleansed – was made the Happiness Officer, with a kit of happy pills for all occasions. And Gene, the Angel of Death who follows the party occasionally and is feared by all others – was acknowledged as being a minor support bot for the team and will document the progress of the party on Hi-Def video disk – to be reported to the all-knowing Computer.

Mandatory Duties

Their assignment – using equipment from R&D, they have 30 minutes to get to Section 15 and investigate the issues with the power supplies of reactor core 39c. Kill any Commies, mutants, and traitors in the area and report back.

Next, a trip to R&D to be equipped for their assignment. They rush to R&D to find a long line that could take 3 hours to get through. Thinking fast the party pushes past everyone of lesser rank, then ducks behind a wall at an intersection [keeping the camera pointed at the floor and wall well they make commentary] and dump the contents of their portable dimension out – including the killer trash can – who then mows down everyone in line, regardless of rank. They then re-collect the contents of their spewed storage space and move to the front of the line well cleaning bots arrive to clean up the grizzly mess in the hall.

Once inside R&D, they get several advanced dangerous technologies, including Chaos Bombs, which they must document when they use.

Arriving in Section 15, the encounter yellow suites that cover the entire body, with masks and booties, as well as glowing green and blue veils [hasmat suites and radiation antidotes].

They meet commies, mutants, and traitors – and miraculously remember to keep the camera occupied every time they did something other than talk with their laser pistols. Even trading for some red spray paint!

Eventually, the party makes it [after getting split up] to the reactor – which is controlled by the malfunctioning bot and has a large hole in one wall spewing radiation all over the sector. After regrouping, discovering what was happening, they managed to ensure the reactor would not harm anyone ever again – by blowing it, and themselves, up.

Inside the Reactor

Their new clones were decanted in the debriefing room for a full accounting as the only survivor was Gene, but its camera equipment did not survive.

“Congratulations Troubleshooters on a job well done. The Computer will now award you with a promotion to Orange clearance. The ceremony is in Sector A-R-3-N-A – report their immediately for your promotion.
Except you, Hygeian Officer, you have been found guilty of neglecting your duties as you are filthy. Please report to a suicide booth for summary execution.”

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